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About the company

Ukrainian Bee is a modern factory, created thanks to the introduction of the latest technologies and international standards of honey processing quality at all stages of production.

In 2014, when we already had significant experience in beekeeping and honey processing, and the demand for Ukrainian honey on international markets increased, we created a new company under the UKRAINIAN BEE brand. Our modern, dynamically growing company quickly achieved a key market position in production and export.
The introduction of UKRAINIAN BEE’s own products on the European market took place in 2015 and was highly praised by foreign partners. In 2016, UKRAINIAN BEE was fully launched. Sufficient production capacity and modern technological equipment of the company can satisfy the needs of both Ukrainian and foreign consumers with high quality product. Our company guarantees perfect honey thanks to its own test laboratory with the most modern control devices. The company’s laboratory is one of the few in Ukraine that was established in compliance with Ukrainian and European requirements.

The area of ​​our production complex is 6,000 square meters. The company’s production capacity is 120 tons of honey per day. It is possible to place more than 1,000 tonnes of homogenised products ready for shipment at the same time.

Organic apiary

Organic honey is a product obtained from apiaries, in which beehives are made of natural building material like wood or straw. Carefully selected places for beehives in areas with organic cultivation of fields and orchards ensure high quality parameters of honey.

Our production line and apiary which consists of 300 bee colonies are certified organic by the Organic Standard Ukraine in accordance with the IACB Standard equivalent to EU Regulations.

We produce all our honey organically without the use of heating or filtration and only use organic compounds to care for our bees.

for beekeepers

20 years of positive experience with beekeepers
Widely branched network of procurement points
Quick and qualitative laboratory research
Calculation for delivered products immediately after research and acceptance
Guaranteed return of consumer packaging and the ability to deliver their own packaging
Integrity and honesty of cooperation, honest weighing of products
If you want to sell your honey or other beekeeping products contact us with any method available to you which is listed in the "Contacts" section.
Your data

Preparation of bee products on the territory of the Company is held on weekdays from 8.00 to 17.00.

For the delivery of honey, perg and propolis beekeepers must have the following documents:

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
Identification code
Veterinary-sanitary passport of apiaries

Calculation of the delivered honey is carried out after a laboratory study (the term of 6-10 business days).

Pollen is temporarily not purchased.

For beer beet beekeepers must have the following documents:

Passport of a citizen of Ukraine
Identification code
Veterinary-sanitary passport of apiaries
ZDF reference

If you have any questions, please contact us at +38 (050) 436 70 05


Realization of high-quality natural honey
Certified production in accordance with international standards
Passage of audits and inspections by independent certification bodies
Modern laboratory research activities on product quality control
Availability of significant production experience
Implementation and introduction of the latest European achievements
Continued foreign trade activity with EU and US countries
Positive business reputation of the company, recognized by international contractors
Permanent cooperation with foreign partners

our Certificates

Certificate ISO 22000:2005
Food safety management system (FSMS), according to ISO 22000:2005, issued by "SGS Ukraine"
Certificate ORGANIC
Certificate FSSC 22000

Our Laboratory

In order to ensure the quality of products in our company, a high-tech research laboratory was launched. The laboratory is one of the few in Ukraine, which was established in compliance with Ukrainian and European requirements.

Our laboratory performs a series of physicochemical tests and analysis of the content of residual amounts of antibiotics in honey to meet the national standards of Ukraine DSTU (National Standards of Ukraine) 4497: 2005 and antibiotics according to European requirements listed in Annex IV to the EU Regulation: 470-2009. We have purchased the equipment for testing in liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS / MS).

The products are tested three times. In the first stage, the laboratory conducts tests of honey samples obtained from beekeepers. The second stage is controlling the entry of honey into the company. In the final stage the laboratory checks ready-made mailing products in consumer and industrial containers. The company has implemented a food safety management system (FSMS) in accordance with the ISO 22000: 2005 standard, which enables the production of first-class products and risk control at every stage of production. FSMS allows to identify products in a chain from beekeeper to consumer and from consumer to beekeeper.

Adhering to the company’s core values, we support local producers and promote Ukrainian bee products on the domestic and global market.


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